Taylor Sheridan: "I Will Tell My Stories My Way" 

Hollywood's most prolific hitmaker, who was also named TV Producer of the Year by THR,  

breaks his silence on the ending of "Yellowstone," Kevin Costner's departure, the potential Matthew McConaughey spinoff,  

his conflicts with studio executives, and how he's turned into a strong mega-rancher straight out of his own show: 

"There is no room for compromising."As Taylor Sheridan enters his porch and turns away from a group of publicists huddled inside his home,

he says, "They're scared," with a wry smile. They are afraid of what I might say, I think. 

The Yellowstone showrunner, who in just about a decade went from being a little-known actor to being the most prolific writer in Hollywood, 

isn't known for holding back and has recently been the subject of a flurry of dramatic headlines. 

Kevin Costner, the star of his flagship show, is leaving the show amid anonymous criticism in the media.