The Flash Post-Credits Explained: Is the First DC Universe Actor Confirmed?

The post-credits scene in Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios' The Flash sets up a future film in the DC Extended Universe.

 Since DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn stated that The Flash movie will reset the universe ahead of the franchise's soft relaunch as the DC Universe,

it has been assumed that the film will prepare the way for the new chapter. Certain modifications were made to The Flash well before its release to match the new DC Universe's concept, 

with it being reported that a Henry Cavill Superman appearance was deleted, possibly due to Gunn's idea of recasting Clark Kent for his Superman: Legacy film.

Cavill's Superman does appear in The Flash, but only briefly. Instead, the ending of The Flash is focused on setting the stage for DC Studios' soft relaunch of the

franchise and hinting a future film. Now, we dissect The Flash's post-credits scene and discuss what it means for the future of the DC Universe.

The DC film The Flash contains one post-credits scene. Although it's become customary for superhero films to contain two credits scenes,

one in the middle and one at the end, The Flash only has one. Audiences who want to see the post-credits scene will have to go through the full credits sequence.