The Flash's $55 Million Debut vs. Pixar's $29.5 Million Debut

Box office underdogs "The Flash," a superhero film starring Ezra Miller, beat out "Elemental" from Pixar.

Both of the new movies that opened this weekend completely bombed despite high hopes that they would kick off the summer blockbuster season.

While "Elemental" made $29.5 million in its first week on the air, "The Flash" only managed $55 million. 

Both movies underwhelmed audiences with low expectations. They were also expensive projects,

coming in at around $200 million to make and $100 million to market, and they are shaping up to be massive flops at the box office.

Warner Bros. executives put in a lot of time and effort to promote "The Flash," calling it "one of the greatest superhero movies ever made

as stated by James Gunn, the newly appointed co-chief of DC Studios. The story continues as Andy Muschietti takes the helm and picks up where Miller left off,

with Barry Allen/The Flash (Miller) traveling through time to stop the murder of his mother and accidentally opening the DC Multiverse.

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