The second most lethal boss in Diablo 4 is responsible for 2% of all player deaths.

You're not alone if you've struggled to defeat the Butcher in Diablo 4. It turns out that most players have had their fair share of controller-breaking moments at the hands of a single ruthless boss. 

Diablo 4 isn't easy, but some bosses are more lenient than others. According to a recent Blizzard infographic, the Butcher is officially the second most lethal boss (second only to Uber Lilith). 

The Butcher can appear at any time in any dungeon and will pursue you or your party until one of you succumbs to his brutal attacks.

Unfortunately for serious gamers, the Butcher's difficulty directly rises with your level,

meaning that even max-level powerhouses aren't safe. Nobody is safe from this enormous terrible guy. 

The Butcher, in particular, is responsible for 1.8% of total player deaths in Diablo 4: that's 5.8 million deaths in just the first week.

When you consider that the total number of Diablo 4 player deaths is roughly 317 million, the claim seems slightly more credible. 

These figures will not surprise long-time followers of the franchise. The Butcher has been hunting down players since Diablo 1 in 1997 and has appeared in every game thereafter, with the exception of Diablo 2.