The top 7 most jealous zodiac signs

Scorpio: Scorpios are intense and possessive, which may cause jealousy.

Taurus: When their relationships are threatened, Taureans might get jealous because they are protective and attached.

Cancer: Cancerians are very emotional and protective. When uneasy or threatened, this sensitivity may cause jealousy.

Leo: Leos need attention and appreciation, which may make them envious of those who get more.

Aries: Aries People might be jealous and competitive. If they see others succeeding or getting more attention, this rivalry might cause jealously.

Gemini: Curious and sociable, Geminis might be envious if they feel excluded from social gatherings or discussions.

Libra: Librans seek balance in relationships. If they think their relationships are unfair, their need for justice might turn into envy.