The top 7 most nature zodiac signs

Taurus: Earth signs are frequently nature-lovers. They love nature and animals.

Virgo: Practical and grounded. They like nature and notice its subtleties. They may love gardening, hiking, or relaxing in nature.

Capricorn: Earth signs appreciate nature's steadiness and durability. They find peace and inspiration in nature.

Cancer: Cancers love the beach, lakes, and rivers. Swimming and boating may calm them.

Pisces: Pisceans have a strong emotional connection with nature. Spending time in outdoors may rejuvenate and inspire them due to their spiritual or mystical connection to nature.

Aquarius: Aquarians are environmentally conscious and socially responsible. They may support sustainability and conservation.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians like nature and adventure. They may like hiking, camping, and exploring nature.