US border separations inspired Isabel Allende's latest book.

Isabel Allende, renowned author, felt immense pain witnessing the separation of migrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

 Her initial response was to aid in reuniting children and parents through her foundation.

Allende recognized the need to address this issue through literature and decided to write a book. 

"The Wind Knows My Name" tackles themes of immigration, violence, solidarity, and love. 

Allende draws parallels between the border crisis and historical instances of forced separation, such as enslaved and Indigenous families. 

The book serves as a reflection on the tragic and traumatic experiences of parents and children affected by family separation. 

With over 77 million books sold, Allende is considered the most widely read Spanish-language author globally. 

"The Wind Knows My Name" was released recently and is available in bookstores across the U.S., Spain, and Latin America.