Wednesday is Netflix's Most Popular English-Language Series.

The most watched English-language Netflix series is Wednesday, which has surpassed Stranger Things 4 in popularity.

This week on SmackDown, Liv Morgan shocked the WWE Universe by unexpectedly returning to the organization. 

The popular Netflix series Wednesday recently accomplished a new feat.

TheWrap reports that Netflix has modified its metrics for measuring viewership and is now reporting viewership by "views."

The measurement window has also been extended from measuring a movie or show's first 28 days to 91 days, giving new titles a chance to more adequately grow. 

This will average the hours viewed divided by the total runtime. 

Along with the Most Popular lists, this metric will also be used to rank Netflix's Top 10 lists.

With this announcement, it is also made known that a new show has taken over as the most-watched series of all time on the streaming service.

Tom Holland's enthusiasm for contestants blindsiding each other excites me.