Why are Star Wars Rebels' lightsabers so thin in comparison to the movies and Clone Wars?

The graphic style of Star Wars Rebels depicts Jedi lightsabers as significantly smaller than in the Star Wars films and other Disney+ shows,

prompting many to ask why this decision was chosen. Lightsabers in the Star Wars films and various TV episodes before Rebels were cylindrical in design. 

The original and prequel trilogies' lightsabers were thicker, mirroring the size of the emitter at the base of the lightsaber.

However, in Star Wars Rebels, the lightsabers were seen to be significantly thinner. When Rebels was first published, the sabers were extremely thin from the center of the emitter,

with only the glowing light of the weapons providing the more cylindrical aspect. With Star Wars Rebels' lightsabers becoming a hot topic on the internet, 

many people wondered why Dave Filoni and his team chose to use this form of lightsaber in the show.

The rationale for the thin lightsabers in Star Wars Rebels is related to the origins of Star Wars. Artist Ralph McQuarrie was commissioned by George Lucas to visualize various pieces of concept art

to help bring Lucas' vision to life as he was producing the first Star Wars. These works of concept art have withstood the test of time, with many of Star Wars' animated productions drawing influence from Ralph McQuarrie's original work.

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