Why Doesn't $414M Halle Bailey Wear Seashell Bikini? Little Mermaid: Costume Designer Disney Movie: “We wanted the girls to be more fishlike.”

The Disney live-action remake received a lot of criticism for casting Halle Bailey in the lead role, but the actress managed to outdo herself with her performance.

In addition to becoming one of the best live-action remakes to come out of the studio,

the film also did an excellent job of differentiating itself from its predecessor without diminishing the greatness of the original.

The Little Mermaid has undergone a number of alterations that set it apart from the original and make it more relevant to today's audience.

The original costume for Ariel, which included a shell bra, was also scrapped from the remake. The Little Mermaid's costume designer, Colleen Atwood, later explained the reasoning behind the change. 

Atwood explains why they decided against giving any of the Mermaids shell bras, saying that the look was too aggressive for the live-action medium. She went on to say,

To be honest, I think we were going for a more fishy vibe with the females. It was odd to have them all wear seashells on their chests.

 And believe me, it's not easy to make real bodies look good when you start putting shells on them.