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Secure Tokens ensure online Treasury Management safety

Citizens Bank & Trust is among the first community banks to roll out the IronPort Security Token Program, a hardware-based solution to prevent unauthorized access to online banking systems. The IronPort token, comparable to a key fob, contains a database that is continually updated through the day. Without access to the code, a user is unable to log into the Treasury Management system to originate outbound transactions. For more information, a FAQ, "Secure Tokens for Online Banking Clients" is available by following the titled link.

Citizens Bank & Trust the official bank of the Missouri Comets MISL

(Kansas City, MO) The Comets Major Indoor Soccer League team announced today a three-year partnership agreement with Citizens Bank and Trust. The agreement, of which the terms were not disclosed, brings Citizens Bank and Trust front and center with one of Kansas City’s most electrifying sports franchises. (Read More)

Luxury Expenditure Policy posted

The Luxury Expenditure Policy provides information on Citizens Bancshares and Citizens Bank & Trust policy under guidelines of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Notice Regarding Temporary FDIC Insurance Coverage Program

Through December 31, 2012, the Federal Deposit Iinsurance Corporation will provide unlimited deposit Insurance for certain accounts. Read the full disclosure.

eStatement- unclutter your mailbox and your life

Enrolling is easy by logging into ebank, selecting Account Options, then eStatement. Check the accounts for which you want to stop paper statements and respond to the confirmation e-mail sent to the address you choose.

It's a great knowing you've just uncluttered your mailbox, protected your statement from potential mailbox theft and even helped save some natural resources.

Visit Enroll for eStatement for more information.

Prevent ebankCBT Lockouts with Password Assistance

The frustration of locking out of ebank and waiting to be unlocked goes away once you set up the Password Assistance option. Log in and go to Account Options to establish the ability to unlock yourself.

ebankCBT ID and password security are always a concern and this system means our users should depend less on Windows to retain sensitive login information. If you currently allow Windows to remember your login information, we strongly recommend you set up the Password Assistance option and disable Windows’ ability to remember your ID and password.

Visit ebankCBT Password Assistance for more information.

ebankCBT e-mail Alerts Go Online

ebankCBT users have a  convenient tool to manage accounts. You may choose to receive alerts when your balance goes above or below an amount you specify, you receive an electronic debit or credit, a certain check arrives, or even remind yourself of an important event such as a deadline, anniversary or other important items.

This free service is available to all ebankCBT users by logging in and going to Account Options/Alerts. To ensure your alerts arrive, confirm the correct e-mail address is on file and that your spam filter accepts messages from ebankhelp “at”

Visit ebankCBT Alerts for more information.

Phishing Remains a Concern

Regular ebank users already know phishing through e-mail have been a headache for years. These fraudulent attempts to trick users into giving out sensitive information like debit card numbers and PINs, Social Security Numbers, and even account numbers are continually revised to trick the unwary.

You may be certain Citizens Bank & Trust will never send you an e-mail asking for this information because — you guessed it — we already have it. Don’t fall for messages from “Citizens Bank,” either. We are “Citizens Bank & Trust,” since 1889.

To protect you even further, if we receive an e-mail message that does not match the address we have on file for a customer, we will ask for proof of identity before proceeding further. If you change your e-mail address, be sure to update your address the next time you log in by going to Account Options